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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endowment fund?2022-11-29T16:32:34-06:00

An endowment fund is made up of gifts of money or income producing property to a not-for-profit organization for a specific purpose. Generally, the endowment assets are kept intact and only the income generated by it is consumed.

Why is an endowment fund important to TSO?2022-11-29T16:35:32-06:00

Fiscal stability is of utmost importance to the TSO. An endowment fund will support the long-term security of the Temple Symphony Orchestra by providing a perpetual sum of money from its earnings to be used for operational purposes. The corpus of the fund will not be invaded and only the earnings from investments will be used. This enables the fund to grow while supporting the activities of the orchestra.

How will money earned from the endowment fund be used?2022-11-29T16:36:34-06:00

The earnings from the endowment fund will be used to help support the normal activities of the orchestra, enhance new programs, underwrite the director’s salary as well as musician compensation and other expenses determined appropriate by the Board of Directors. The earnings from the endowment fund will supplement the income from membership fees, and other charitable contributions.

How can I help?2022-11-29T16:42:55-06:00

You can help establish the TSO endowment fund by making a pledge to the campaign to be paid over a convenient period of time. Your gift will be added to the fund and will help assure that the citizens of Temple, Central Texas and beyond will have access to the finest presentations of classical music anywhere. Since the establishment of an endowment fund looks into the future, you can also participate by including the TSO in your will or other estate plans.

I already support TSO with charitable contributions. Can those be counted toward the endowment campaign?2022-11-29T16:43:34-06:00

Your regular contributions to the TSO are extremely important in helping with the day to day operations of the orchestra. It is hoped that you will continue your contributions and look to the endowment campaign as an added opportunity to support the long-term existence of the orchestra and its mission for Central Texas. In other words, we hope you will support both by continuing your regular support and also supporting the endowment campaign.

How will gifts to the Temple Symphony Orchestra Endowment Campaign be recognized?2022-11-29T16:44:01-06:00

Gifts to the TSO Endowment Campaign will be recognized in accordance with recognition policies already in place by the Board of Directors. There will also be other naming opportunities to be determined. Naming opportunities will follow a pattern of consistency based on the amount of the gift. TSO believes in showing appreciation for the support of our patrons and intends to recognize all gifts in appropriate ways.

Does the Endowment Fund offer chair naming rights?2022-11-29T16:44:57-06:00

Create a gift of lasting support by endowing a musician’s chair in the Temple Symphony Orchestra. The TSO Endowment Fund provides an opportunity to honor musicians and patrons alike while ensuring the legacy of one of central Texas’ greatest cultural assets.

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